Submitting Manuscripts

LAP welcomes articles for thematic issues described in Calls for Papers as well as articles on other topics in open issues. Submissions should be consistent with the LAP Mission. We also publish book review essays, film reviews, and photo essays. Submissions should follow LAP Style Guidelines.
Latin American Perspectives is accepting manuscripts for the thematic issues listed in Calls for Manuscripts (click here) as well as manuscripts on other topics which will be considered for open issues.

Manuscripts should be no longer than 8,000 words of paginated, double-spaced 12 point text with 1 inch margins, including notes and references, using the LAP Style Guidelines (see link below.)  They may be submitted in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. If you do not write in English with near native fluency, please submit in your first language.  LAP will translate manuscripts accepted in languages other than English. If you are not submitting in English, please indicate if you will have difficulty reading reviews and/or correspondence from the LAP office in English.

All manuscripts should be submitted directly to the LAP office, not to issue editors. A manuscript is not considered submitted until it has been received by the LAP office.  You should receive acknowledgment of receipt of your manuscript within a few days.  f you do not receive an acknowledgment from LAP after one week, please send a follow-up inquiry to be sure your submission arrived.

  • E-mail Submissions: send to
  • Subject Line: Author name – Manuscript for [Issue Title] issue
  • Please attach your manuscript as a Word Document (.doc or .docx)
  • Make sure to include: Abstract (100 words), 5 Keywords, and a separate cover page with short author affiliations (less than 130 words) and complete contact information (e-mail, postal address, telephone).

For an article with more than one author, provide contact information for all authors but designate one person as the Corresponding Author who will receive correspondence from the LAP office.  If any contact information changes while your manuscript is under consideration, please send the updated information to LAP promptly.

Submission of a manuscript implies commitment to publish in the journal. Authors should not submit a manuscript that has been previously published in English in identical or substantially similar form nor should they simultaneously submit it or a substantially similar manuscript to another journal in English.  LAP will consider manuscripts that have been published in another language, usually with updating.  Prior publication should be noted, along with the publication information.