Journals clipTo search for specific topics, authors, dates, categories etc, go to the cover of any issue at Journal Issues or Archives pages and click on the image or on the Content or Access links. This will connect to the Table of Contents for that issue. Above it on the right are the options “search this journal” and “advanced journal search.” You can also search by using the “All Issues” link below the LAP banner which allows searching by year of publication from 1974 to the present.

For a list of issue titles from 1974 to 2013, CLICK HERE (pdf file).



In addition to searching the content of LAP journal issues, there are valuable research resources at the University of California Riverside  Library.  LAP also offers a Research Fellowship to allow a visiting Fellow to use these research materials, including the Chilcote Archives and the LAP Archives.

  • Chilcote Archives UCR Library – (Click Here)
  • For LAP Archives UCR Library – go to: (Click Here)
  • For LAP Fellowships at UCR Library – go to: (Click Here)

To search SAGE LAP site for recent and back issues:

SAGE SearchTo search for specific topics, authors, dates, keywords, etc, the link below will take you to the LAP page on the web site of the journal’s publisher Sage. When you are connected to the Sage LAP page, the search box is on the right side below the LAP banner.  You can also search by scrolling down the page to the All Issues link which will allow searching by year of publication. You can use the back arrow at top left on the Sage site to return to the LAP site.

LAP at Sage: