Manuscripts are peer-reviewed by LAP editors and issue editors.
Accepted manuscripts are copy-edited for style and clarity.
Manuscript Review

Manuscripts are reviewed by reviewers who are selected from the LAP Collective of Coordinating Editors, Participating Editors, Honorary Editors, Associate Editors and thematic issue editors.  Manuscripts that are referred for full review after initial screening are normally evaluated by at least one member of the Editorial Collective, two additional LAP Editors (at least one Latin American) and the issue editor. Based on the reviews, the Collective decides if the manuscript is to be accepted in its present form, returned to the author for revision, deferred for resubmission, or rejected. In all decisions, the reviewers’ comments will be sent to the author. Authors of rejected manuscripts may appeal the decision and the appeal will be considered by the Editorial Collective.

Most manuscripts go through one or more revisions before publication. At each stage, LAP does everything it can to expedite the review and decision process.  A manuscript decision will typically be made within 3-4 months of the submission date and sooner if possible. However, due to the professional obligations of our editors, as well as the volume of submissions, delays may occur in the review process.

 Copy Editing

All accepted material will be subject to copy editing.  Authors should respond to correspondence from the copy editor within the specified time period.  If due to lack of time or inability to contact the author, we are unable to review changes with the author, the journal reserves the right to make final textual changes.  The intent of editing is to clarify meaning and improve style.  If we distort the author’s meaning in any way, we accept responsibility.