LAP Fellows

Since 2007, LAP has offered fellowships for visiting scholars to use the resources at the University of California, Riverside library which include the complete LAP archives and the Ronald H. Chilcote collection of material on the politics, economy, and history of Latin America, Portugal, and Portuguese-speaking Africa. Highlights include rare books and periodicals on Brazilian left movements, cordel literature, political ephemera, and recorded interviews. Fellows present their research to the LAP collective as well as to students and faculty at UCR and other area colleges. Articles based on the research are subsequently published in LAP. Fellows include Adam Morton, University of Nottingham, Francisco López Segrera, Universidad de Salamanca, Jawdat Abu El-Haj, Universidad Federal de Ceará, Luis Suárez Salazar, Universidad de Habana, Kemy Oyarzún, Universidad de Chile, Carlos Gómez Florentín, SUNY Stony Brook and Universidad Nacional de Asunción.