The Chilcote Collection includes rare books and periodicals on Brazilian left movements, cordel literature, political ephemera, and recorded interviews.

This special collection was donated by Ronald H. Chilcote, Managing Editor of Latin American Perspectives and Edward A. Dickson Emeritus Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California Riverside.

The archives contain material on the politics, economy, and history of Latin America, Portugal, and Portuguese-speaking Africa. Highlights include rare books and periodicals on Brazilian left movements; approximately four thousand literary pamphlets of social poetry, drawn from the singing and writing of troubadours (Cordel); books, ephemera, and research, including written and audio interviews, on Northeast Brazil, in particular its hinterland or sertão; books and pamphlets on the Portuguese revolution of 1974-1975 and its aftermath, including audio interviews and transcripts with participants; comprehensive writings by and about the revolutionary, Amílcar Cabral; pamphlets, leaflets, films, and newspaper clippings on covert and overt cases of intervention in Latin America; audio cassettes, videotapes, and books on the Iran-Contra Affair.

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