Latin American Perspectives, founded in 1974, is a theoretical and scholarly journal for discussion and debate on the political economy of capitalism, imperialism, and socialism in the Americas. Most issues focus on a single problem, nation, or region, providing an in-depth look from participants and scholars throughout the Americas.


Our objective is to encourage class analysis of sociocultural realities and political strategies to transform Latin American sociopolitical structures. We make a conscious effort to publish a diversity of political viewpoints, both Marxist and non-Marxist perspectives, that have influenced progressive debates in Latin America. Top priority will be given to articles that strike directly at the most important theoretical issues, particularly subjects that have received inadequeate discussion or are in sharp dispute. We also attempt to encourage the work of relatively “unknown” students and scholars, and to bring the work of Latin American scholars to the English-speaking world. Latin American Perspectives welcomes strong views as long as they are backed by cogent arguments, are grounded in Latin American reality, and are written to be comprehensible to a wide audience. Readers’ criticism, comments, and proposals are welcomed.

Monthly Archives: January 2013

Latin American Dreaming (film review)

By: Kristi M. Wilson and Tomás Crowder-Taraborrelli

Paraíso for Sale, directed by Anayansi Prado (also the director of Maid in America, 2005, and Children in No Man’s Land, 2008), treats the topic of Canadian and American retirees’ looking to stretch their dollars, buy second homes, and unwind in the sun by relocating (often permanently) to the Caribbean. It presents ample […]

Corazón de fábrica Heart of the Factory (featured film)

Despite the widespread perception of a turnaround in the Argentine economy in recent years and the institutionalization of popular movements, an ongoing workers’ struggle to lift local factories out of bankruptcy continues to inspire sectors of the Argentine population. Virna Molina and Ernesto Ardito’s Corazón de fábrica (Heart of the Factory, 2008) is not only a revealing account of […]

ISSUE #188 JAN 2013 VOLUME 40-1

Political Documentary Film and Video in the Southern Cone (1950s–2000s)